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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  December 29, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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will. woohoo you. the us the data. i did. it is my new tv. welcome to read new edition of the tub while but the prob and represents the different faces and that you get that if the voices on taiwan. on the host great wall. we know that it means how one dealing with art
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earthquake is part of life and on today's program whether to expert in the area of socks biology to talk about earthquake research and study. welcome to the pool that dr ma will fall. i rely on that beefy and thank you very much. it's about the marble full of course you aren't the director of the taiwan earthquake research center and also the cheerful face it ended upon the earth sciences at the national central university. believe me ask you after you've got to appease the back arrow at caltech in the area of needle the size quality and the earthquakes diocese and then though you were offered a job and no one man band a u turn that down instead. came back to taiwan to become associate professor at the national central university. what with the motivations of quest at that time i was kind of pain cutting with the ice to get a job to stay you a story today i want to holiday in about nineteen ninety three. no one
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has to have a very impressive pro climb up but as chris that these students enjoyed the view in awe at that time employee like mad country strong washing stations. all the data taiwan will do well to a bank which is actually dead. most bags that look in the war is now at that time of the physical attack. he told me actually these media press it and also to concede it now much as kristen taiwanese actually really good timing for me to come back from a cell of sa led me to come back and of course i love taiwan so much to the giddy happy to come to be my mind on these two taiwan sites be like twenty years is up but that didn't have any impressive and maybe give as a lot to information from a script in taiwan. until you feel you myopia is a very good opportunity some twenty years ago but i suppose the academic to find and research to find back in nineteen ninety three and is very different from what it is today and always keep
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the firemen to fit back in checking out pretty fun tonight to calm the outcome he is the values quite a long time ago that the set by the time for transition it so i let my people become too she has the nab's share that data. so even though it got time. typical happen on each palm open date idea. but you know as signs community. we understand seo delhi is to fall into sin the state's south. when you need to open the gate to open a new wine can put that knowledge into that data from an ed thomas them as quick smart and sala thai music that was very lucky when i come back to st with a two match built in that it had to be one tall in the skies. so it actually doesn't he. in nineteen seventy k oakley. i will be all what i'm doing and if i wanted and i came to my study so i can that's very important chances but the society and for the screen studies in taiwan
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and he killed up to my unit being back in town one for over twenty years now and over the last twenty years how would you think that i was his ability to conduct you know research and carry on meaningful study see the aerial stunts quality has improved over the last twenty years. how do we come here for me though in this area though with other neighboring countries like japan. seoul korea or even china. yes on acid but the question and had to wait. the nineteen ninety when cgi script can be changed everything. i doubt the week at the station nineteen ninety three nino at two dollars senior scientist than halved addition to the play all the stations before bailey as best as quick bite to just quit. so we could pray the stations in nineteen ninety three its anti jazz critic early nineteen ninety nine. so we become happened last time and
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save. kate said this the scripts they not in the water and solid exactly would that impact with a lot of matches to taiwan in east with a lot. set up was that many feel sorry up by this tragedy hopping but to just crank customers and our finale to the fear that the kiddos inning saturday the like. walk like you all watch elijah to two more new and is to mitigate got six new houses to sell to two about scientific point of view. celtic is at stake in the sec which brain dead last video but they packed with a lot to learn his band present this as cracks. bring the mayhem of taiwan to the lot. nbc's lead us to study in taiwan the kind that are invisible. mandela's cell i don't know where they had all the kids remember in nineteen ninety five is a call this clicks in japan this which is actually batteries up to the stuffy air strikes. however at that time joe cannot yet to have that then snared walk in the towel yet so even though
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the cat as quake but it did though was not enough to really understand why these as they were so pa lawful sell up in the view today to just take a week that is the kid has said that people quite honest enough with the pennies and oh so american comics know come to taiwan and also at that time teaching of st or the bureau also pretended to look to the society and that's how we don't have the stuff on the minds and that people might never have that the pico in its bid to have that x men the chap out what this clip a copy the intensity in real time staal of the goddess nineties candidate that inflammation that cause acne but impressive to the horses had tea in the ward again i emphasize the warrant. and then after the desk late night talk to myself calm. ok so now it's good to have doubts this county or the war scientist to that the taiwan but what's a good size we can bring into the salad that's actually the scientific beep
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a second at the minute. i don't want to have people say all yell we kept waking up with the signs. the outspoken we do after that it added to the announce he's actually and sound that's why they needed to toughen the speed to the knowledge of suspects and say i was lucky i was that the students so doing she just quit my students walk day and night. and they only i'd thought to myself i say i want to have the ppl in our weakness as much as in taiwan is you not it is the result for japan the united states and sell off was the pennies and a bike and a half way scientists and added it has often said you want to study as cranks. however until i ate that my students that night we did that day for emily and it's nice knowing the lord of our biscuits that these so weeping not good at the coaching information and jono in the wot i mean than those at the results and then bring them out corporation in
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print. it's so be it into that men questioned about what to bring the south to i would say. the protests of international and long and we are in some eyes and we explained to keep these kids that keep his limo and a bed that had to be in the funky emmys this year our class thinks that he's about to my fuel it did not just one but the asia pacific region as a whole. the whole region is earthquake prone. oh and they give the catch pen. in all of the two cars eleven the new earthquake and subsequent tsunami. i also caught the world's attention and know what you think. asked in the years of research studies that have done. bill hall can calm one. interact and cooperate more with the neighboring countries and sciences. the low forties happily japan korea and the united states to try to get as much data field before and he yelled disaster strikes and also after kate's
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new disaster that we can have a collaboration in terms of the posts come up your management. ella tried to alleviate the damage that was dumb like yours. the sox play acting a lot of people want to keep the idea that hard to piece the exact minute aptitude such catastrophe as cricket is causing the time it's ms gandhi highlights that evening case is that you play you can see it's been that hard to face the race then that hard to face that nature has that sell rather than isolate ace science and technology can help to mitigate the house. ok that education is very important it's unique in elkhart epo ways that make a case that you are spending and and the party to have to go through education. so olive almond and actually for that but the question a very important question. he just raised is how can we have international cooperation. so
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as you mentioned i'm not that direction but i wanna scream is the center actually we fall more of my cut one as a model increases actually planned to study full of great upstream like cars that. today they said that option open to the social science the impact and so i've seen that's very important operation to oust info has upped the solution at any time and also in alphabet catastrophe as quick snack every country has the experience. so that's not enough money to buy important the concept i was commodities also a main focal hopeless cannot go and which sees that unesco canonization into the might get a recognition that week's why are they afraid to be the mentor and i mean that government bought. i'm just trying to show that on each advent an audience full of different countries that every country's phrase this and prominent hard to deal with making and i expect its
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own making not a night club on eight new not so allah in taiwan as the lead me to have the scenario so we have to decide to use his attention and still we also popped up on the same extent. it's a ok because i simply cannot keep lift you up to pick up baseball. the rest of it you'd now at my house and the kids this pic about a cheap weekend do with the computation incubus him at all and then for the policy maker. the contest and hub much impact in my brain and then before that crap these tragedy and we do have some slow motion. for example for the squid salad say about me for itself the structure and the education hot potato sell them. if some of the lord is allah the idp the people in taiwan you might know it as pick up with is the alchemy of our weekend out and actually desk rick bass. why the cutest kitty cat and bad education minute to bringing
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to reduce the house at unisys icq mention the key point educating the. lay the new ward new people know how to react will help to prevent this disaster before it happens i think there will be key for all of this to be considering in the years ahead he said. we need to take the first break of the pearl then today i will be back in just two minutes fan. it is. six season. says
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. well come back to the second part of today's program beyond that i was all lit up the coast were equal what we'll continue our conversation without them i will fall was currently director of the calm waters creek leisure center and also chair professor up to the poem in the arts sciences at the national central university here in town wall tomorrow i think you mentioned two key points in
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the first part of the program today. first international cooperation. yell earthquake is something that strikes no boundary. the ok to happen it's how one today the dealer to pandora china one of your other parts of asia. so it should be the regional and national effort in tears the whole week cooperate. i hope to share resources and database to try to prevent the strike up the next natural disaster and the second yield key point that you raise a solid education exactly ok especially useful for other people like us you know you know when a nolan little bit about what to do when you know what earthquake strikes but it needs to be that systematic also continuous education of the. the only thing that meal people know how to respond a call to react when the natural disaster strikes. and though what would be your suggestion
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therefore as the x ray in the area offers quick study you know what would be your suggestion that you know the interest of educating the that our government law aunt and shield and two together to try to educate the. yes actually that's a very important question. i said just to mention toward the end of the first part tom about week ago and this can make a six point three this ipl pure disco i can sell you don't see any damage to the piercings but the footstool a visit and after you might even use it so i got an employee means the city died because he was so panicked and has quick thinking on how into the window and jump over the fence. and i was so shock and phil started to get bad news. it sits in any combat to the key question about how to react and ask rick while quinn sweeney t stay calm and not panic but these parts it's neat to be educate is still in awe of the axis
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sites that sell actually our government to have the scum exercise for us pay excise cut to prevent the cell phone to present yourself to a second that flow but i didn't go out to get the pup in to say the nest at kate. gasol is he on the first floor unit is open space. as you can go outside and i was a good read if you did become thailand's out to be shaky like ten of twenty seconds using his new carseat to your staff can run to the puppet plays wheat in twenty seconds. yes you can do that but you feel you on the poker players like six ruling that the young to follow up. the most important thing is do you find a sceptic on an open so i commenced with the issue hiding stuff under the task hua right next to that asked the pope it was a triangle seventy ok again is baby pens our house was new at that. it went to the venue of us
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involvement is not to say ppl s and in the basket may you find a very shaky basking under the basket that this lp for the test is based on the op go on to the task is the way it is not the strong you find a strong common or somewhere strongly in the feuding me you can hide next to it. so far my experience. whenever i go actress did i visit japan by open and i know it depends on a hiatus think this could exist even got the hot cowboy and i went into the corner and that i'd either way i came to know is that scripture itself out as japan and also the no doubt highest peak as the regents out in our county have for these safety kit. in the hope that it did lead the year that direction. it's a step up on stage is quite ideal self and the other thing i like to say he is he feel at the home and on. you'll want to turn up the fight for a spiffy up
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cooking something his ahl however it. but i couldn't use coveted take note that people say all people say it in a file is the longest that is not yet been named the reason for that is the state. you have to put a cell phone took a news program. other than to simply that it's because japan only be done to all of my hectic season. oh and that's something we want to do it that in taiwan and japan a slight bit of a pie or heat since the fall line. make the big leagues as desperate and longing. so when the script read that case pipe shuttle get my fix of those why they cut to the people is that you don't give me too worn out by the fiat you need to find your place first. however in taiwan that it teaches that all is going to turn up the file first you need to protect yourself or sell a kidney condition is different of rice out of cup into the pie he's been incessantly
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cannot see the nail on the system is a well we're looking on. eventually we tried to what to get that white japan to have a comment except the insistent voice keep an office email you to have these kind of speed on his desk there are also the sand can be used to doubt it since he left on this campus as a mom did you really make a nice is one of the tv expert on earthquake sciences study seen it i want juarez some of the more frequently asked questions by people who come up to you maybe asking giving the lecture ask you about being who has a mom feel what can we do to better protect yourselves. guillotine addition to wanting to set a while be some of the questions that people of quest was the depressing as cricket today as taipei ay ay ay ay open. actually now he intends to before i open my blog to keep the status it's not just this and it was a
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solid concrete to forget about all coming to them picking desperate. what a waste of money still fighting the good aspects. then of course i would have to take them say that it was competition. when you proceed as quick as kristin calm right this is the most important thing is his abdication of course and i'll sell the seat just mention how it to the tuesday impact moves i would cut them out the senate is now so fall is depicted the cuff less cricket pitch on this however at the society's he's always that all foursomes matches to reach that goal. so i've been out since a bus to petition you want to kick as great in a zippy time location and then eat it. this is actually right. if a cop. plus great tradition in time. these new critique of the screen like a bit popo week. it's actually too long. because you can imagine that if the people
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mentioned about seven screen making it seven cutting a week and now we kill it the sea as the sas in our eyes and it is at play and thus cannot take it in my brain was damaged in the test quick strikes so we cut up all that successful as the petition is he competed as creek in seconds the menace. in this maybe get up in seconds by patricia operators than a week of months he has three all of the county in the society is mad and for my own tonight as the site is its openness a desperate position could be possibly use the isa on the weekend was for the static see. today reacted to it includes a quote and usability to ante up in our milestone for that human beings or the other way is if really pretty desperate making seven. we find a way it's nice to be sung scale than many tears this example
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we might end up dying due to the strains on the false them all at the other way to reduce that the bank into been asked a petition candidate brings some new technology all wide eyed new information for people that's all the outside you a building to that. poppy than for the justifications difficult so we face the basket case of education in and then the haze of education office at us i mean all scrubbed faces very important and also the script i've been wanting it so the leaf tea latte if a fresco of you wanting to take ethan are hard to do with that before the peak said ok but certainly to how one's ability to predict and prevent earthquake disaster it's much better that than twenty years ago wafers can back pack and then dumped him ideal solution. the luo question that i was going to action next is that the blogger people may come up to see a purpose to mop your leave the next for us has quality and also thinking
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of sciences. how come you cannot predict. here is great that he knows his on one meal a week or two weeks ago though might've caused very little damage was certainly cause a lot of panic among all of this you know i mean be studying this for over twenty years and then the company can do it. you know what you like you said that people as to why you know spend all this money and time and there isn't you don't know much at least not to be awarded people out there thinking you know really appreciate. and the whatever moments that you were little frustrated and neil somewhat disappointed though so that people may feel misunderstood what you going. of the african crafts and bad. actually i accosted and that's the part of education so when people come up to me was that question actually i visit the opportunity of information to give but not least to them about what i was saying in awe as
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competition can only be us if all eat something as i just mention how at the vista cannot see a solution to the scrapping that i would tell them about these kids and the technician program athol cut do you protect yourself and elbowed out by the longing was daddy's cell for the us to anyone the wheels of cars today that we my info view. before the peaks checking is not scripted action. no is actually as cricket code somewhere but we beat disney about this new ways is to bring this to the ppl in nearby as they knelt by the peeks at my com so you might have like seven seconds mouth wanting time. as some people my own sock use of poker night till the seventh minute as humans seconds again come to the education process they can send ten seconds if he can be a lot of stuff the fire. he'll come and find a color that he's dead now sell in that unite in the meanwhile point during that time we got clicks you
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have to make sure you add things are fixed in all it is paid the cost of the house he's safely. appropriately it out. no floating down from the second so that part a's education getting the time of the knowledge of the time. so the new money is now dusty till we are trying to implement meant to educate the students of how to deal with staff or the seven seconds of reaction was yes so bitter about my frustration. yes in the end i still had. the process and actually accomplish education on the knockoff of a doubt the kitchen is powerful. i prayed. chickadee as critics for example i got my phd in nineteen ninety three in the nineteen ninety five kobe has clear couldn't it. i'll watch tv i was so frustrated i was like so totally killing me. why does take two steps to happen did and i have to say that time that was the young php ide to get me
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know what to do that much yet but i did thought to myself mm self look weak due to the accused's impact is not to mention by the tcs creek beds and eighty eight huge impact to me this. and the dot com actually feel publix and how pleased i feel sorry to my people and the like as this is my gist how come these things happen but it has taken up the bed desk didn't know what i'm saying is hard to reduce the impact such a dull moment not only had to touch myself i do need me to do something this tv deals that in paintball and that's not to ask right. that's why i've pulled that i was going on though. and oh so white in color as the vicious into a weekly trek to give at that time education and analysts said that an inflammation scenario i took the government. please look at how we at doing. i know what kind of people in my plea to discuss our tea and
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some other great uses a lot people was grateful for the wonderful things to you and your colleagues have done in every series tickets to the creek sky is the seat of the soviet state we are in much better position in terms of preparing for the strike up the next twenty to take another break them up oh well will be back in just a few minutes. fan. it is. six
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season. says. . the all come back to today's program killed while those on posts to read will will continue our conversation without them i will fall was currently the director of taiwan earthquake research center and also the cheerful faces of the department of earth sciences at the national central university after not being addition to being the expert on earthquake
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sciences. you also learn expertly the next print of one bill on tsunami. noah and tom wanted to know is surrounded by water. and though whatever you know we get the earthquake and the magnet use the old big enough and the people come as you go with the tsunami follow next. kate ellis who will bid about the nature of tsunami and also juarez some of the similarities and differences that would control the train tsunami earthquake in terms of prevention. yes god can teach people had the first an image of tsunami scope of enforcement ice cracks. it's been a top class cricket is almost every time the tsunami on tv. did you see in the same time you see that tsunami warning you in doubt to be nice to be pro crime and because it got any cats not in launceston. i felt it was japan had experienced mommy. pre else on the outcome the abbey twenty six years in the hot that
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the tsunami so they have the education program. so one might study pissed the up if you put tsunami. i have to admit i've been going on toward the tsunami. i was like ohh was awarded an obvious i still don't know exactly at that time play that doing for tsunami for taiwan and that is the site is attractive than full step by step that i aced that the tsunami and they come to the script itself. so come to taiwan. ideally the debate in which we figured it out in taiwan that only draco we hire for tsunami is eighteen sixty seven. she loved the script tsunami. ok so asa people might not really get that much about sunny hot day in fact they can like all let's create us in shock the pope was great that couldn't seem to blow is like so two hundred years ms lee tae won the last one is eighteen six seven and it doesn't mean we are not going to have another one right the kids and it is in trouble for that because clicks is
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hunting a few years new policy had to use and sell people become already given that government come to us and asked where that taiwan has the potential to have to make it a night at wrexham i have to say for the eleven s cricket. taiwan is sloppy or ice the sake of one small sa will follow is not that long like somewhat suspect that as they fought the rupture the lens of the far east fifteen hundred sq m it to me is about st admission of taiwan because i was well fed predicament at night. it's a good nice that is along the triumphs of the hall i screwed up to all of the way from south to north pacific and country coming to us to taiwan for the q and fall. we don't have the legs along side the peak is as quake might be something like tcs quick simple and place them one six. give them a cute age is not the possibility of offshore about four people a credit of the open cut the steak at prayer of st
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funny and had it because if you can see played some dungeon and the salad you could try each. that touched all the way to japan. so that's fine she might have the potential for making can be when not in and of itself so for the tsunami calculation as animation not easily to assume that al sell for making tea a two for example if these up show pot adding a doubt dedication for taiwanese days i've had to use my hands to say look i was over a year and a defiant over here so that's not the cause may be called in on since outs it so that the regime paid to taiwan easts but relax and be with the staff had one but said he likes of which japan for the pope was great. it appears here in the trenches get some stuff to kids of all of its money go directly to the japan island. so that's not the height he's like so teammate is hiding. so that's pretty incredible in number if it's not the hike itself look i know why it would be if the something awful and
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maybe eight or nine. we might not have the slightest not be high as hopeless critics at all saying that oh wait it's not me you didn't travel much slower come get this test me wait all weekend to the neo wanting in the gut it out yet and they ignominious like twenty minutes most of them and so so i can come to anyone's this time. so now we have quoted a price has made it how we can look at as quick as fast as possible to sit the time we come peek please assist me with and some money away it might be easier to pick yet because it's not a way to go we still want that that's the sound of traveling time to be about fifteen minutes. solace but that pot then we might need to have it stop me wanting to sell at the ag not welcome in some part of taiwan. yet the gap by this time in launceston. thing is he out the case does actually of what delights in being conducted after the program the only thing that made up
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of a happy and is again education. the kids when i had the smuggling when i had to exercise but you might not happen for fifty years. it's all so indie pop an axiom of up to one hundred years after his cell. all of the facility like that out after twenty years of housing companies so that's the good of a tolerance of gays pocket yes something at a decent human being. if auburn is solved now we have to go to the local bp hard to do with that connection wait for the screen making it a night oh yes and some might even millers creek you cannot kneel predicted know precisely what other people estate though according to folklore and the east bay you can look at the animal ppv match for maybe the change in clouds. i know something you know in the climate deal with that and that this serves as a room for me to the fact that that your is quickly becoming deal in greenland deals such as the observation can help more or is it scientific base. elf was
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touch and you know prediction yes he's always ukraine about appearance and all i see a lot goes along coming out of sight in the syndication of those cranks on the new frock. i have to say directly sent to slide his beanie babies see the scientific spirit to cull observation to this new animal behavior. lol i don't state the right and no it's not a back to focusing on policy that would leave it open but highly of it to put this kind of is the basic into dead texaco. exercise is downright difficult this as the pall why it is kind of floss signing size nativity contravened the sonics in itself a desk lake the question we often say god of protection against tradition is to assess and if this silly all on clay as the precursors in tbs of observations. but all of those ninety peak scenery behind opposition is not yet established so a cell with libya to the stage of
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observation. selling taiwan as i mentioned about cake hole was created to send to hwy at chancellor have the proof of the script because the study to know who yet so we climb the stairs studies lead to the gp his observational possess me a package of chemistry and won the bid which hangs all the different complements you might hear from people so we tried to cover all the information to get that i'd like to see what this any knitting teacher. we suspect but when i get up about the profile as the script efficient program. we did a bit as this line is we always need to explore the possibility in signs but that we have to be that as at the park. how much the font you want to put to the profound to the much wanted to pretend that the program. so in no way of pirates he must quit because the trooper is always walking in at ft n e s korea could this group member is bailey's come to care that can show that they have to see whether
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they have any relation between when nothing happened and then maybe late jolly but the effort to consciously something to the ward about that because the opposition for its quick so he is preached. neil precursors studies only income one loses something smells like japan north america science is also looking at the preacher's his face in all the awards on to the tax on all the knives. maybe some of you but now with that being the dutiful about the effort to test the petition because it is up so the entire while we did is because the studies we tried to make it scientifically of rod and then the observation and as you watch people eat menu is already allah are aching now in the newspaper to the pa weepy up to something and buddies difficult to come out anything. and that of a kind of plastic is something that mission science foundation is pretty tough. isn't that make up on. i don't even mention himself because inside
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the sometimes difficult to get from being bent up and they listen to some day for daddy and i but i can always spot that we use the funding the case. you must at the foot ten years twenty years but not yet have any results. there's also the typical party in case you see it because you need to cut back on bus bombing observation that the floor at kk oh four and has to take it one of the country yes because the script end of the hubby is not really finding the good you are like ten years hosting parties and spontaneously thing. it also was cut off an observation car stops his cow or a we need to take the final breakdown of prelim today will be packing just a few minutes. fan. in. the six
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season. says. the welcome back to the final segment of
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today's world and field while the on post we will will will continue and hopefully wrap up this interesting conversation with up to mach will fall was clearly to cheer professor in the department of earth sciences panel so that deflected off the taiwan earthquake research center at the national central university in taiwan. after molly me ask you a personal question can be no backing the twenty five thirty years ago when he first started you know started college. no lot of people probably see that you know why is it will woman student won the study in science it's exactly one week to first develop your interest in the study of the over the quake and scots college. okay after that date that he now says he'll oneness in two years ago this week admitted to an appeal by the scientists expect so i was just like the reykjavik and you've got to the nation a un eu color to doubt the intrinsic sand beaches for all now call it that couponing you want to do that i know myself and love
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physics and math. ok so all i only pray that instant i mean that the pontiff of pcs or macs man fixed in that department. so when i come to the institute of geophysics i was puzzled about how we acknowledge that time was put upon land of geophysics and ninety eight the palm of his sons. it is to come all the signs i'm an opera back into the abyss the usb plug of job physics. so i was puzzled and my bible and apply that he she is a physics major. lastly so please jump and six he said anyway so what kind of physics and later the silk a separate bath. so i would use the niv is that i really don't know exactly what i want to be isolated on time barely know and the physics and the muppets. so it came to the intimacy and get to that department made the call by the bite my destiny or whatever it is a cause that happens i came to a common identity palm and all i love
11:42 am
my style my classmates so much a joy to teach us so much less the puzzle that well but i want to be in the canteen to come out just physics. we also need to study at tea on the tube ratio was not good at that ok but not kept a very interesting that the flat was that baby into that. so was looking for the stock at murray neck to physics. i'm going to snap pics noon st into my senior year. we have a high school chorus of this momma too. and then the teacher kill all of the question on board and cut up on it though. although physics about the night as the rebound of course love the midst of all yes this is that. isn't this what i wanted to get a self analysis and yet i decide to put myself into this as much of it okay if i become to continue. the maya for my study after lawfully me as to what was the reaction for new parents and friends. this means that the one we can do with this smile that she needs to be a way you do after graduation he didn't continue with the one that
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each of research what those are the themes that they won't heal asking you. yes i can tell is but fortunate for my family and i didn't have that emphasize what i show people what i seek out a cell of the sale is fortunate to be in a mission and ministry but all candidates debate in myself say you have to go to mr powell investing you have to go to that hot. your comments and my parents knew very geeky be any pressure about good but to go and i just didn't sell badges for whom my old liao now has the unfortunate years later looking back he certainly make the right decision because in addition to all your academic accomplishments in two thousand eleven to yell at me and you would name oh by the l'oreal. note that i won outstanding woman scientist. what is the award mean to you and with the same meal may mean that come the features that don't know when scientists can play a
11:44 am
bigger role in the development of taiwan's research and studying the philippines. yeahh i was free and magnify it on henri iv was even nice and the view of the few non scientists. i have to say as a scientist and giving them instead of female scientists because that phyllis rises on its side to see the sides this year so it's not too late to a direct hit. however a td and people might constitute a form of female in this antique scientific oh and inerrancy of the top class but i would say yes please get in ca medication itself on providing trying to protect it that because of my female and all i feel it deep fried mee easier to conduct at least my comics of eight men comic that we saw that in our agency all a different institution. so if for the female as the icon than i would say is don't wait to
11:45 am
frame the easier communication because the niche awful female mckinley out that day and talking and mile left with a young scientists avoid young students for the female scientist. i would say go with steel patient. i have to be in theaters so many times is that. in alchemy and family and have a clue that advocated for the pst. i live though i mean a lot of promise and prayer for my students a stupid illogical to pst noon then family to come to stop them it's because del i call unite off the value going to go for pure state. so i'll say i couldn't really tell you yes or no bees don't drive me to this you make your own judgment has to decide but want to carry on but no education is one of the way i doubt go with your decision. and you will feel in awe of that joy in putting that into joining a band of
11:46 am
the somali me and still combing the students at the gradual mobile posting these two to the media research center also the department that you have you know i couldn't we at the national central university. many students too yeahh i did not actually a pot to the eye and adding to mess typically students and some onto which the students to down to break apart and wished me good. the biggest is hard to pablo we have about fifteen faculty member is help all about the stamp lately. the common ok i want an accident. students at al amin and abc something about twelve fifty a bond of which i could and if he missed it profound like fifty something of a da silva what upon the student body may be like say hundred posts so now it's a scandal by bayside as the responsible yet but given the fact that you know you have done that in reaching students that outcome the need to get the part that feels so since you know at the same kind of passion that drove you many years ago. to
11:47 am
be common yield the meeting that spring is here iam size quality and also earth sciences the seabed in the younger generations today messing about. so i was naive of me at anfield great guide to see more nimble feed us that his brain into our design studio and so i was almost the press twice as much as the peanuts a female scientist. we don't have assiduously no one's deluge of chemistry. so i'm not the view was actually for the few non scientist but to me. in this idea is we have one more speech another new equity of females who digs up an afternoon break at that very night is on the out. i love the peace and and and be the volunteer themselves is busy for education for all time. they have all of that the thinking was i just mentioned about heart to reduce the impact they actually do you want to punch it himself. to mitigate
11:48 am
the house itself was free to donate to the end of the full we and the probe into the eighty s among the bse be studying various sciences earthquake and tsunami. would you know thirty years and no one has to wear. speaking to you. both of the professional level helps with the person collapse was not able mabel pea flour just quaint and a picture to post a cat and now for my hopeful might not easy at what you got it cut copy and screen might be calm and kind of action eyes to the jet pack to sell but then for the us to study in taiwan identity feel we need to face the reality. people eat out while we are very optimistic people. however we tried to avoid any kind of. if it could use these exact things i want to have the society of wa positive attitude to call
11:49 am
what this has been how sick and then face it and then downtown to me to get the house that already. and finally before we can. if you would too fast to get to think. to warn people to apply six two more new people one earthquake strikes one right before he cuts will be those two things the walk. ok i like you mean god is with us creates the back thirty one e of the most by itself sappy. and then we got too much planning to panic. ofcom and enough demand a full clean you get when you tell i'm a teensy the emergency response here on out but that's something i explained that i'd see people in the tp about hard to make this unit is in spain years. yes ok i will be the second thing that they can't be all it's a file you would imagine from education to make it as nature reaction but that need to go through that acts as acts of. that's the ticket to become a hotbed of it the hobbits very important and to prevent yourself from
11:50 am
them each a pay gap and eighteen turns healthy known as trisomy evacuation. so we also emphasize puts on a whim in older people and children first and then the specially for people who are physically feel handicapped well with baby you know should it be more emphasis on their backs to the evacuation first before others who are the indians sent up arguing that which was keeping mine the awful as cranks the night comes on the fifteen seconds milk with cell is difficult to have it back to life in a less noisy than ours. so i can fall for some kind of pasta house you might need to have some exercise is hard to protect your senior people in the position is so may be hired to be updated or an ally in their room to have some security breach an ok had long but to go after those cracks because he's only in seconds. of course ryan and the surly being wonderful experience that the pm programme to
11:51 am
the purpose of mom. oh we certainly felt that you bake the right decision. some twenty years so coming back to taiwan. i have no meaning the wonderful things in preparing taiwan the hosts with the at large in the opening encounter ian dealing with the next earthquake and that's a disaster when and if it does strike on a one wish all the best in your personal and professional endeavors to be featured along the no thank you again for the special guest today. thank you very much arate one thing people watching oprah went to take a scenic stein all mcafee tv thinking. i knew. in the name i think the thing. and. go
11:52 am
the to do. the un the u. i'm signing of a hike in with another edition of destination was the be all the time ago that in our refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this new theory must be ncc. so i had sticky rice to find out one morning when i order sushi. i'm here with brian as a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi. they did it look different. her defenders out
11:53 am
there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed nori. there is also searching the woods is pretty much just lays there is between slice of a number of ways. i then there's the year with his eyes as he slid over to us that was all wrong or is this it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet. there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear voices heard in her heart is boiled with smoked salmon smoked. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like. surprise surprise a lot of us start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit. it's literal. the japanese hundred they prepare their mission to the us uncertain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation they put on race and he was in the fist of fun in and out to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement
11:54 am
anytime anywhere you know when it was done they would take it in the rice was discarded and run away and eventually insert i've been adding vinegar to it not been kind of may added to the taste of everything they did so. that was the devil's tool and the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you. fake street food in me. we always see these two garnished with this issue when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of time did a good kick to it which is a very refreshing. since then the about the clintons with this as acts as a helpless. what about the sushi that looks like just a place with a piece of fish on top one is that all that is called the eerie calm i'd say that enough. so here is our second only to kick the person who suffers. you laid across. molded into bed sheet. we all know what you don't purport cells to shoot
11:55 am
anybody is that the way it looks so is the extravagant living in us a lot of fun and they can. and that is the new any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on the hat is up. it's the one we make such inquiries into three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me the states to pull things out of the concert with this aisle. a song like they are since i was. it is very involved and so it's to be a lot of fun. so you actually get down to making it and presenting it. it's almost like you wanna make art you make it so people. most of what he did a mix between now and that's the kind of how i
11:56 am
avoided it for fifteen from the suspect was the main and only ways that have entered actually. so there's some great legs and property into a kind of yourself. they tell you that was three hours from well outside the bar that looks good enough. what a blast. when he says he was in one bite and when you read here. your soy sauce based site down. also a no no don't mix with some of the game or soy sauce. that you know what you're eating really tasty next time our destination busy. i'm sucking in my car the route as the demand for fish continues to rise worldwide and eco logical disaster is taking place in our oceans. overfishing is causing the depletion of
11:57 am
entire species of bats. now below the surface of the dark waters could be the solution the groundbreaking scientific technology down here allows fish to be going anywhere even thousands of miles away from the ocean to one utama fish. in the conventional fish in his room beneath something like five thousand to seven thousand five hundred liters of water the edits for production work in ministry in our system we got down to forty four zero the two years they awarded for tuna fish with action. twenty five years ago professor yup but i came up with an idea that's effects could be fined on land or even in the kazakh in a sustainable eco logical way together with scientist dr yes it's how they develop a process now being marketed as cfa or grilled fish anywhere and dam system. it's
11:58 am
different from the usual aquaculture math then the technology. the filling in forms. we can grow the show anyway. in the desert with no connection what it's all sold to the marine environment. we are establishing our own unique ecology in our system to sustain the beach. we don't include them in doing so but a huge event with syria they can recycle it don't these jurors rewarded bed and read on this charge in the organic material that the issue if the. they do. as opposed to other systems were gay discharge something like the pink paper said the increase of twenty percent of the total wow what a filing system today. a sincere with discharge me know it can grow green fish away from the sea. don't steal. al wada shortage as
11:59 am
honorably of light. and it's this that prompted the sign says to make the new system eco logically friendly the secret ingredient is specially developed bacteria a nice used to treat that nitrogen and organic waste by products of fish production we'll reduce the load. here we are offering. between ecology and we believe this is the future of touch so instead of taking fish off the menu. the folks behind cfa are doing all they can to keep the fish vendors happy these are the most deadly to do with them. without this evening and three. that will make the feet and moving over there and we can grow the beach where they needed most of this restaurant close to defeating. also does there are plenty of fashion the sea. but overfishing has put an end to that. now with
12:00 pm
this new scientific technology. the proverb that could soon be. there are plenty of in the tanks. and men moving moving moving the winds of change as more u s states push to legalize marijuana. american attitudes appear to be changed. is it time to abandon the americas forty year war on drugs hello mike walter washington dc and this is a biggie the two. eighteen u s states now allow the use of medical


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